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  1. Came along your weblog while browsing random blogs and discovered that this browsing can be very blessing… I very much liked your weblog, keep on going…

  2. Stumbled on to the Ben Witherington blog and found your comments there. Loved it!! Especially your comment: “If speeding tickets only cost a nickel…”

    I’ve never heard of Dr. Witherington, but can honestly say, for someone that has authored as much material as he has–I’m floored by his sloppy exegesis. I read that entire thread and frankly, I am speechless.

    Thanks for hanging in there and putting forth intelligent, BIBLE based responses.

  3. Thanks, Keith. I really appreciate the support.

    Ben is usually very clear minded and doctrinally sound. I just couldn’t believe anyone would be such a pacifist that they wouldn’t call the police if raped, robbed, etc. That left me scratching my head, sort of like “I can’t believe we’re having this discussion!”

  4. Neil, I wanted to just send a personal note along to you without it going on to the Bible Study blog. You can’t know how much I look forward each day to logging on to your blog, eager to see if there is a new chapter to study and review.

    To give a little bit of background on myself, I graduated with a degree in teaching and also completed my training to be able to teach in Lutheran schools. To acquire this certification, I needed to take countless hours of Bible courses. This was a very fulfilling and enriching time in my life. I learned so much, but of course not everything. : ) You can never know everything about the Bible. Every time I open it, I learn something new.

    I taught for five years and then my husband and I began our family. Now I am a stay-at-home mom. Before your blog, I found little time for personal Bible study. Because of what you have provided, I now allow myself time to log on and study, and it has made all the difference to me.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Rebecca, thanks – I really appreciate that! We get a steady stream of “views” on this blog – probably 60-80 or so a day – but it is hard to tell how many are regulars and how many are just passing through. My initial goal was to fill a niche for people who might like an every-other-day kind of study – something that a beginner wouldn’t feel intimidated by yet something a more experienced reader could also get something out of.

    I am so glad it has worked for you! I have enjoyed the discipline of having to make notes about what I’m reading instead of just skimming through it.

    I always appreciate your comments and passion for the Word. You are putting your Bible courses to good use. And kudos to you for being a stay-at-home mom! You won’t regret it.

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